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Kayak homeland

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Last Saturday I spent 3 hours full of fun in the place which I paddled for the first time and with a friend who is "responsible" for my introduction to kayaking, Alex. Alex runs a kayak rental business in Thymari beach and I used to go there just for swimming or spending the day next to the sea with friends. Although Alex told me then, several times, to try a paddle, I was always been lazy. Then one day, around sunset time, Alex words were something like an order, "Hey Yannis lets go in NOW". I had just bought something to drink and used that as an excuse but he said "take it with you". With no excuses left I found myself on a tandem (double) kayak with Alex, chasing the setting sun. As we started to get away from the beach the sounds of people and music (from the beach bar next to Alex kayak rental spot) were fading out and the sound of wind and (small) waves started to dominate. That was it. I was (and still am) hooked from the close & direct feeling of the sea that you get from a kayak.

We got into the sea from Agios Nikolaos, Anavyssos. Is always great when I am kayaking again in the place that I had my first paddle and also with the friend that I did this first paddle. Thanx Alex for that. After 2.5 years from that day, I am still a beginner but much more comfortable in a kayak, so we enjoyed a day with 12+ knots southern winds (and probably 20knots max) and waves around 0.5-1.5 meters. The weather & place provided us an alive environment to dance with the sea and enjoy (with caution) and get some photos and videos to remember that day.

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Jan 12, 2021

PaddleGreece ευχαριστούμε για το όμορφο post! Μας ταξίδεψες!

Ένα σχόλιο σε σχέση με την τελευταία φωτογραφία η οποία είναι καθηλωτική: ένας kayaker χαράσσει την πορεία του σχεδόν μέσα στη θάλασσα, δεχόμενος στο πρόσωπό του τον άνεμο, παρακάμπτοντας τα βράχια πού βρίσκονται στην πορεία του, παρακολουθώντας την πορεία του ήλιου προς τη δύση του..

Θάλασσα, άνεμος, βράχια, ήλιος!

Ή αλλιώς νερό, αέρας, γη, φωτιά! Τα τέσσερα θεμελιακά δομικά στοιχεία της φύσης αποτυπώνουν τη σφραγίδα τους σε μία στιγμή. Πεμπτουσία!

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