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About me

Hi, I am Yannis and I welcome you to my journey.

I discovered sea kayaking back in 2018. I always loved to be around the sea, but when I began to do that in a kayak, it was a revelation. The capabilities, the autonomy, the freedom and most of all the feeling that sea kayaking provides, captivated me. The beauty of the coastlines from a kayak point of view inevitably led me to buy a waterproof compact camera in order to keep an archive of my memories and also to give an small idea to other kayak-travelers of what to expect from several places in Greece. 

And the journey started!  

The more I was paddling the more I loved it. I started to explore places that I never thought or expressed interest before, and sea kayaking was the drive for that. So a wish was formed. This wish is to PADDLEGREECE. I wish to paddle all the coastline of my country (dreams have no limits) or at least to paddle as much as I can (my mind and body, not to mention time, have limits) in the years to come.


So this site is my journey! 


P.S. I am an absolute beginner (love this song of David Bowie) in photography and simply a beginner in sea kayaking. So the photos represent just my personal experiences. For sure there are many amazing photos of these places around internet. Hope this site triggers you to explore more of the sea kayaking possibilities in Greece and start your own journey.  

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